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quiz on me  
11:29pm 17/05/2006
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Another Bitch story  
05:29pm 29/03/2005
Ordering Checks

You wouldn't think would be such a BIG problem but in my case it was...
I ordered new checks back when brian's mom was her so at least a good month or so..
Are they here? NO! I call they say I got them... Did I? NO!!!

they nice guy orders new ones.. said they'll be here by tues (today before 5pm)...
5:10p come I call.. They were shipped back to the company cause the guy couldn't find my address.

now if I didn't answer either phone number they had to find out what was going on then yeah my fault.
BUT!!!! they didn't I had to call them up to find out what is going on. and I'm glad I ordered new ones soon because we would of been screwed if I did this on our last check book!

I just can't stand stupidity & or no customer service. you're paying for their services not for them to only work when you call them on it. I didn't order some weird customized check that is special ordered /etc. just plain B of A check with my name on them (FINALLY) and Brian's. so they can't find the address but they didn't even try to find out why. if that is the case then how did the 1st order supposively get here if the 2nd guy couldn't find it.. So he/she was lying.

thing that gets me the most I could of taken kayla out.. she was fussy all day. we could of gone walking something but I made a point to be here until the checks got here.

I'm not so mad that I can't see straight. just frustrated on how people think and even try to get away with it.
mood: aggravatedaggravated
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screw up  
04:18pm 26/03/2005
Every have one of those days where you try to help and end up making it 10X time worse.. Well that's What I think I've done.. Now I feel shitty for doing so.. I didn't have the guts to say everything. cause A)I'm a coward and B) it would hurt their feelings. NO, I'm not talking about any of my in-laws!

need to make kayla's easter basket make sure her dress is ready for tomorrow..

looking for a swim suit tonight so when it's nice out I can take kayla out!!!
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12:51pm 16/03/2005
There's nothing to do... No one to talk to.. can't spend money.. shouldn't spend money..

There's a small possibility of moving to dayton, ohio.. sometime in the next week we'll find out.. so I'm looking for a weekend job but not too serious until i know the deal.

I'm going to angie's house this afternoon. should be interesting. She's really nice but I don't know what she thinks of me.. and my neighbors I never see. Haven't found a church I like yet.

weird for me to say but I miss my neighbor's and jennifer. even though they're all moving anyways so it wouldn't of made a difference.. just sux I finally had something going then we move.. now I'm at square one.

I'm really hoping for ohio though cause it would give me an opportunity to get to know my mom's family. plus things would be cheaper.. better place to raise kayla and etc.

kayla's calling. I need to get her ready to go.

if anyone gets bored I'm usually home you can call me anytime before 8pm! or call me and I can call you back I have free long distance and unlimited mins!
mood: chipperchipper
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kayla pics  
11:50am 12/03/2005
new ones r finally up. nothing special since it's been so crazy around here. just more (for those who r interested) an update on how bog she become since last seen.

8-9 months

kayla standing
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prescription hell!  
09:54am 16/02/2005
Freaking shoppers pharmacy has morons working there! this is the 2nd the messed up my order!

I was picking up last night and went to throw away the bag my prescription came in and I saw I paid way too much!

When I went in this lady who had a thick accent helped me. she put it on the counter said it was 19 dollars took my debit card and that was it. well so I thought. I paid $119.52! it's only suppose to be $7 per box so $21 not freaking $119. talked to the insurance they say I'm fine. tried talking to the pharmacy she showed up an hr late. then was putting me down. I'm thinking it's the same lady that I dealt with when I picked it up.

yes it was my fault I didn't re-check. but when I had this prob with them before, before I paid they told me up front that I was "rejected" from my insurance and we found out they submitted incorrectly. looking back I don't think they even filled the prescription until the matter was settled. now this lady is saying "well u paid it.." "didn't you notice the paper on the bag.." what the one paper that is stapled to 5 others just like it. every prescription I've had has papers on top just stating te drug and yada yada.. I'm having to repeat myself 5 times. giving her info like "the area code is 757" she replies "ok so 301" (no that's your area code) "no it's 757_______." I ask her for her name and whens a good time to call back "just call" is her response. thanks that's helpful.

just hope I don't have to go all the way down there to settle this.
mood: irateirate
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Andrews afb  
09:35am 15/02/2005
Kayla and I went down to pick up a few things. 3 hr car ride she slept the whole time. Still can't believe the weirdos who drive around there. so our 1st stop was to ikea pick up some shelves c what pics they had. kayla threw a fit cause she was leanin back to far and i adjusted her. I became the lady with the screamin kid. after that my engine locked up. called brian upset but I figured it out (felt so bad the attitude I gave him). missed the lunch rush!! the next stop was to shelly's pick up my girl scout cookies! yum! we talked for a few.. still in aww how much quinn has grown in the lil time (he's the same age as kayla). Kayla had a ball w/jackson he was being a goof for her.. nest stop was shoppers to pick up my prescription. Then back on the base to pick up formula. Kayla was on a program called WIC but it's done by state so I can't use the checks in VA. When you have 4 checks w/5 formula cans a piece that's 180.00 I can save! plus she had a check for baby juice so of course I'm going to go and use them! it was amazing I could get everything in the car.

stopped for dinner and drove home. didn't get in until 10pm. that was my day..
mood: crazycrazy
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Lake Ridge  
10:42am 05/02/2005
We've moved in to our new apartment (1st residents)! granted we don't have our stuff with us. so makes life a lil interesting. Noclue when we'll be gettin it either. they haven't returned our calls. But we got cable/internet/phone hooke up yesterday so that's good! When I know my new e-mail I'll send it out. We do have a home line now so I don't have to wait until 9:01p or weekends to call people! but I've gotta go kayla's fussy and brian's boss's wife shoudl be here shortly to show me around hampton,va. until next time
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08:16pm 18/01/2005
movers came today @10:30A. Brian and I just sat around trying to be out of their way. they were done packing around 6p with the only problem being they left some things behind... They didn't touch many of the food or drinks we got them (hoping it would put them in a good mood and not break/steal our stuff. so we'll find out when we finally find a place.. tomorrow I'm going to be vacuuming and steam cleaning.. brian is going to be scrubbing toilets and bath tubs.. besides etc.. other then that just trying to stay sane and take it one day at a time.. until next time
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apt? hotel? "?" ?  
10:57pm 15/01/2005
so there's no open apt until summer if we're lucky and they're coming to move our stiff on tues. shipping it wed. so I still have no clue what's going on. brian plans to be completely into work until april. plus living in a hotel I was hoping to come back to az for a lil while until brian finds a place or an apt opens up. I don't like the fact of being apart but I'd rather have a marriage to go back to then both of us get cabin fever and go insane. the hotel is one room with 2 people one being the baby not good.. hoping some how we find a house soon or i don't know what it will be.

my mom is freaking out even though nothing is for sure. my dad told me we'd talk later if nothing happened with the apts.

this might be my last entry until I'm at where my new place will be.. so much to do. tomorrow danielle is coming to watch kayla so I can pack and sort through things. I still need to take down kayla's border.

hopefully she'll sleep through the night tonight.
mood: exhaustedexhausted
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